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Pharma International Company (PIC)

Based in Amman, Jordan, is a prominent pharmaceutical company that was established in 1994 as a green field plant.

PIC officially began its operations in 2001 and currently is dedicated to manufacturing branded generic medications with the primary goal of improving health outcomes, reducing the cost of care, and enhancing the well-being of patients.

In 2014, Axantia acquired PIC, and currently owns PIC’s entire share capital. The acquisition allowed Axantia to expand its presence in the pharmaceutical industry while providing PIC with the resources and expertise to further grow and develop its product portfolio.

With a product portfolio of over 200 products covering key therapeutic classes, PIC has a broad reach spanning to Middle East and Africa region.

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Med City Pharma (MCP)

Aiming at realizing the localization of pharmaceutical industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Axantia acquired the entire share capital of MCP in 2015.

MCP is pharmaceutical company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Following MCP’s acquisition, Axantia implemented major changes to the design of the facility whilst applying elevated standards of safety and quality.

Axantia’s acquisition of MCP and its efforts towards localization are strategic moves aimed at bolstering the pharmaceutical industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

By taking over MCP, Axantia gains a local pharmaceutical company, providing a platform to build and expand its manufacturing capabilities in the region and would also enhance domestic capabilities for producing quality medicines, promoting self-sufficiency in meeting the healthcare needs of the country and reducing reliance on imports.

As MCP develops and nurtures skilled labor force, this not only creates job opportunities, but also fosters knowledge-driven workforce capable of handling advanced technologies and processes.

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